Sahil Verma
Developing a group video calling web-app AGAIN!
November 15, 2023

Developing a group video calling web-app AGAIN!

Approximately a year ago, I developed "Sonic Meet," a group video chat web application as part of a college project. At that time, I was new in React and development in general. Still, I managed to achieve what I aim for, and I was proud of the achievements. Reflecting on those early days, I can openly admit to the learning curve, the missteps, and the occasional shortcuts taken.

Now, let's jump to today, where my strong desire to learn is driving me to explore complex things like WebRTC and sockets for Sonic Meet V2. This journey isn't just about adding new stuff; it's also about admitting my past mistakes and using them as steps to grow personally and professionally.

This project isn't just about making a software or a product. It's like an ongoing adventure where I'm discovering more about myself and getting better at what I do. I'd love for you to be a part of this journey, following my updates on social media and reading interesting blog posts on and my website. Let's learn and grow together!

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